About H&G Expo

H&G Expo:

H&G Expo has over 30 year’s experience organising, owning and managing a range of bespoke exhibitions, ranging from trade to confex to consumer shows.

H&G Expo provides a well-designed and efficiently managed exhibition that gives value to its visitors, and results in positive returns for our Clients, Exhibitors, and Sponsors.

We are actively engaged to provide a wealth of experience in exhibition ownership and management. From conceptualisation to sales, marketing, project planning, financial management, and operational management capabilities.

Over ¼ of a million visitors attend our expos in South Africa every year with over 900 brands exhibiting within our portfolio.

Unit 4,
41 Twelfth Avenue
T: +27 303 5941
F: +27 31 312 2991
E: liezle@hgexpo.co.za