8th - 10th June 2023


    Monday 8th May 2023
    Monday 15th May 2023
    Tuesday 6th June 2023 08h00 - 18h00
    Wednesday 7th June 2023 08h00 - 17h00
    Thursday 8th June 2023 10h00 - 19h00   Exhibitor access 08h30
    Friday 9th June 2023 09h00 - 19h00   Exhibitor access 08h00
    Saturday 10th June 2023 09h00 - 16h00   Exhibitor access 08h00
    Saturday 10th June 2023 16h00 – 19h00 *
    Sunday 11th June 2023 08h00 – 17h00 *
    *     Venue will be secured promptly at 19:00 on Saturday, 10th June 2023 * * Organisers cannot be held responsible for goods or equipment left in the venue after 17:00 on Sunday, 11th June 2023
    Exhibitor Passes These are to be collected from the expo info desk at the Durban Exhibition Centre during build up.
    • Passes must be worn at all times during build-up, breakdown and the expo itself.
    • Exhibitors will receive the following quantity of passes per day; additional passes can be purchased at R80.00 each, for the duration of the expo.
    6m² 2 passes
    9m² 3 passes
    12m² – 18m² 4 passes
    36m² 6 passes
    Note: Exhibitors not displaying access passes will not have early access (as detailed above) into the exhibition halls.
    Contractor's passes
    • All contractors and sub-contractors will be required to wear access passes at all times. Please collect these from security during build-up.
    • Parking is available on North Plaza, Entrance through Gate A, Walnut road.
    • Exhibitors will be allocated free parking tickets per stand, according to stand size. Please be advised that parking is limited and is available on a first come, first served basis.
    • Parking disks will be issued with access passes from the expo info desk on Wednesday 7th June 2023.
    • Entrance to the Loading Dock is off Walnut Road into North Plaza, Gate A
    • The Loading dock is for off-loading only, no parking will be permitted. Please adhere to the Official Security Contractor at all times and also consider other Exhibitors by off-loading / reloading as quickly as you can.
    • The Official Security Contractor reserves the right to control traffic on the loading dock and to remove illegally parked vehicles.
    • Once goods/stock has been unpacked please ensure all packing material and boxes are removed from the premises before the Expo starts. Empty packing boxes may not be stored on the stands during the Expo.
    • All stand payments are due by the 8th May 2023.
    • Stand Service forms, including payment, is due by the 15th May 2023.
    • A 20% surcharge will apply for service forms received after the above date Note: No Service Forms will be accepted if the stand payment is still outstanding.
    • All Exhibitors who have Floor Space / Designer stands (i.e not shell scheme package) are required to complete the 'Private Contractors' Form (Click here to download).
    • Space only stands are required to submit a 3D drawing with dimensions of the proposed stand by the 8th May 2023.
    • All private contractors are required to provide the Expo Safety Officer with their Safety File during build-up. All private contractors and their staff are also required to wear PPE during build-up (i.e hard-hats, safety shoes etc.)
    • Exhibitors planning a double storey stand OR stand higher than 2.5m , are required to a) Appoint a registered professional to build the stand b) Submit a structural engineer's certificate on completion of the stand c) Submit an electrical certificate of compliance on completion.
    • These are to be handed in to the Organisers office by 14:00 on Wed 7th June 2023. The onus is on the exhibitor to ensure these certificates are submitted.
    • Total shell height = 2500mm
    • The shell system consists of Anodized Aluminium uprights at 99mm centres with 3.2mm white PST board covered with white foil.
    • Under no circumstances must any double sided tape or prestik be adhered to the Anodised Aluminium.
    • Drilling into aluminium is prohibited.
    • No nails, staples or screws etc. are to be used on the MDF board. Advertising material may be affixed by means of double sided Velcro – which can be purchased during build up.
    • Painting on panels by exhibitors is not permitted.
    • Special locks and nuts that fit on the uprights and top rails are available for hanging pictures and display boards – these can be collected from the Organisers office during build up.
    • Fascia width = 290mm. Fascia is not to be removed.
    • Fascias are made of correx - Strictly no nails, screws, paint etc is permitted; only double sided tape or prestik is allowed.
    • Fascia lettering is only available to exhibitors who have taken shell scheme.
    • Any damage to the stands will be to the Exhibitor's Account.
    • All shell scheme stands are supplied with one 15-amp plug-point (P) and two spotlights(S).
    • Only the official electrical contractor may perform electrical work on shell scheme stands, ordered through the organiser.
    • Use of ripcord for wiring of appliances is illegal and will be removed.
    • Electrical equipment supplied is strictly for hire.
    • No work will commence unless full payment has been received.
    • Contractors building designer stands are to supply the organisers with an electrical Certificate of Compliance on completion of build up. These are to be handed in to the Organisers office by 14:00 on Wed 7th June 2023. Note. The organiser reserves the right to terminate the supply of power to stands where electrical certificates of compliance have not been submitted. The onus is on the exhibitor to ensure these certificates are submitted.
    • Late orders received will be levied with a 20% surcharge on all quoted prices.
    • Aisle Carpets are charcoal and green/grey on the stands.
    • Should you need to cover the carpet, please ensure that you place 50mm plywood over the area before covering with your own material.
    • Any damage to the carpeting will result in the exhibitor being charged R 500.00 per square metre damaged.
    • There are other carpet colours available. Please refer to the Expo Solutions order forms on the link above.
    • Exhibitors are reminded to include their fascia lettering on the service order form.
    • PLEASE NOTE: If we do not receive this form, the exhibitor name will appear as per the booking form (with no responsibility to the Organiser).
    • Should you require logos printed on your fascia - please refer to the Expo Solution order form.
    • Please refer to the Expo Solutions order forms
    • A service for hire to all exhibitors using Octanorm Shell Scheme (Package stands). The Expo Screen protects merchandise and equipment on display and prevents unauthorised access onto your stand outside show hours.
    • Expo Security Screens are only available on a standard shell package stand i.e. ones that include fascias and cross bars.
    • Please refer to the Expo Solutions Order Forms.
    • Please refer to the Expo Solutions Order Forms.
    • For our exhibitors and visitors convenience a FNB ATM will be situated outside the entrance to the Expo.
    • Organisers will provide general overall 24-hour security from 08:00 on Tuesday, 6th June until 17:00 on Sunday 11th June 2023.
    • The Security provided by the organisers is general hall security and not individual stand security. Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure the safety and security of personnel and equipment, we cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any injury, loss or damage or any consequential losses which may befall your personnel and their property.
    • Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their stand and goods on display during build-up, exhibition show times and breakdown.
    • Although every effort has been made to ensure a secure environment we advise all exhibitors not to keep valuables on their stands. Do not leave valuables such as, handbags, laptops, cell phones etc. unattended at any time
    • Exhibitors are reminded that in terms of their agreement with the Organisers, they are responsible for insuring their products on display.
    • Halls will be locked from the close of the Expo until Exhibitor access the next day. Access to everyone, including Exhibitors, will be prohibited during this time.
    • All Fire exits, extinguishers and hoses are to be left unobstructed at all times. Please ensure you and your staff are familiar with the emergency exits, firefighting equipment and where security is stationed.
    • Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the Durban Exhibition Centre; this includes the bathrooms.
    • It is recommended that all appliances, lights and equipment are switched off at the close of the Expo each day.
    • No flammable liquid or LP Gas is permitted in the venue.
    • Exhibitors using candles are to ensure that candles are a safe distance from flammable objects and that they are extinguished at the end of each day.
    • Draping, hessian, thatch, polystyrene and straw - are regarded as major fire hazards and exhibitors planning to use these as part of their display will be required to provide a "Fire Retardant Certificate" indicating that the product has been treated with a fire retarding compound. Please give a copy of Certificate to Organisers and keep a copy on your stand. Contact Peter Venter on 083 296 0799 from the Fire Dept if you have any queries.
    • All banners need to be made from a fire retardant material – copies of this certification will be collected from Exhibitors, by the safety officer, during build-up.
    • The company that can spray all these products on site is: Safety Screens - 031 305 2101 (Ritesh)
    • All Stand builders will be required to attend a safety induction at the Durban Exhibition Centre prior to build up.
    • All Stand builders/private contractors are required to wear hard hats and safety shoes whilst building designer stands. Please ensure all your contractors are aware of this before they enter the premises.
    • Exhibitors who have booked floor space only must please take note of the above mentioned act and ensure that their sub-contractors work according to the guidelines and regulations as prescribed by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, National Building Regulations and the Community Fire Safety By-law.
    • Once we have received details for private contractors, induction documentation will be forwarded to them.
    • The Organisers are only responsible for the general cleaning of the venue, aisles and ablutions. It is the Exhibitors responsibility to ensure their stand is in a clean condition at all times.
    • The Exhibition Hall will be cleaned before the Expo opens each morning. Any rubbish left in the aisles will be disposed of.
    • Should you require individual stand cleaning, please contact the organisers in advance for a quotation from the official Expo Cleaners.
    • All construction material & rubbish, etc. must be removed after build-up and after the show.
    • Build-up and Breakdown of the stands must be done without damaging the floor, carpeting or venue.
    • Medics will be on site throughout the Expo.
    • Light refreshments will be available during build up on the 7th June 2023.
    • For your convenience, an exhibitor lounge is available on the Mezzanine level throughout the show where Exhibitors are able to purchase food and beverage without having to queue in the catering area downstairs.
    • No product or display stands may extend beyond your stand so as to disrupt the passageway. 
    • Firearms are not permitted within the exhibition area
    • Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of their own staff, property, stand and contents and advised to insure their goods accordingly.
    • As per our Terms and Conditions, upon signing the Exhibitor's Contract, the Exhibitor is obligated to ensure that his/her stand will be open and functional during show times. Please note that a penalty of R500.00 per hour or part thereof will be charged for lateness or early closure. Please show consideration to visitors and other Exhibitors by not abandoning your stand before the official closing time each day.
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